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Ron Kocher

Ron Kocher Portrait
Ron Kocher
Regional Vice-President

Ron Kocher has worked in the pharmacy benefits arena since 1999 – consulting, managing vendor (PBM) procurement for a national consulting firm and managing the pharmacy benefit program for a Fortune 500 firm. Prior to 2001, Ron had extensive experience in the health benefits industry - including consulting for three major consulting firms; service management and sales for a large group insurer; and senior management for a third party administrator. He has also been an advisor to the National Managed Health Care Congress (NMHCC).

He uses this experience to help clients identify issues in their pharmacy benefits plans and then develop and implement a strategy for addressing them, including auditing PBM performance and contract compliance.

Having worked in many facets of health benefits, he brings to his clients a broad perspective of pharmacy benefits, including interaction with other health benefits. Ron’s clients have included employers in many industries, Taft-Hartley Funds, Third Party Administrators and employer associations.