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Robert Markovich

Robert Markovich Portrait
Robert Markovich
Director of Analytics

Rob is an experienced audit and management professional with over 17 years of progressive audit, management, and consulting experience during his tenure at public accounting firms and most recently with a large top Fortune 20 company.

Rob has over 11 years of experience in the PBM industry where he directed an organization managing all types of PBM audits. His team handled thousands of audits during his tenure. The scope of the audits included claims and rebate processing, financial and performance guarantees, operations, and compliance. His analytical skills and ability to see beyond the numbers were instrumental in the efficient and expeditious resolution of these audits.

His extensive business skills and his excellent understanding of the industry allowed Rob to be instrumental in the successful negotiation of settlements on these PBM audits. In addition, he served as the subject matter expert for audit during contract negotiation and requests for proposals.