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Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, a Pennsylvania native, manages the “product” segment of our business. Jeff holds licenses for life, health, annuity and HMO in Florida.  His insurance knowledge, coupled with his licensure status, validates the company’s involvement with the sale of fully-insured carve out prescription drug card programs. 

Mr. Wilson also manages the operations of both ARMS, Inc. and ARMSRx, Inc.  The scope of responsibility has many facets and includes the development of these products, marketing of all insured products and commission accrual and payment to all agents. 

Regarding our consulting clients through the ARMSRx division, Jeff assists in evaluating information and reports received from the various PBMs that are specific to the client.  He also reviews utilization, charges, discounts and the pricing components on behalf of our client’s pharmacy programs and monitors performance according to the PBM’s contractual performance guarantees and reviews for discrepancies.   

Mr. Wilson’s contribution to the company involves many areas and Jeff’s grace and humanitarian style have been well received by our clients and marketing relationships.  We view his participation as a valuable piece of our vision of on-going exceptional service.